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How Buying Higher-End Pieces or Designer Pieces is More Sustainable

When people think of luxury, they may imagine gas-guzzling sports cars or handbags that get tossed aside when the season changes. What they don’t see is what gives these items staying power. Sustainability is about more than how products are made. It’s just as important to keep items or give them a second life so that they don’t end up in landfills. That’s one of the great things about designer pieces: they’re timeless in style and last a lifetime. Here’s how buying higher-end or designer pieces can be a more sustainable alternative: 


Style With More Longevity 

The classics in fashion are almost always designer pieces. A Burberry trench coat and a Chanel double-flap bag are two perfect examples of designer items that never go out of style. Even seasonal designer items can be broken out for special occasions. Designer items are built to be wearable for as long as you want them in your collection. 


Quality, Built-to-Last Materials

Fast fashion makes staying on trend more affordable, but the items built for this short life cycle often fall apart quickly. This is not the case with designer clothes and accessories. By going with higher-end products, you can be sure that you’re getting the best materials, from the fabrics and thread down to the zippers and clasps. You’re also getting the craftsmanship from these legacy brands that know how to properly style these materials.  


Viewing Style as an Investment

When you add high-end or designer pieces to your collection, you want to make sure you get your money’s worth. This means you’ll be more thoughtful when choosing pieces and therefore more likely to choose something you can wear or use for years to come. Making mindful choices about what you buy will also encourage you to take better care of the items. 


Fewer Washes and Mindful Care

Since designer clothing is made with durable materials, it typically doesn’t require as many washes. Many designer pieces require hand washing or dry cleaning, which naturally means that you won’t be getting them cleaned as frequently. As long as you spot clean your designer clothes and wash them as instructed, they’ll last longer without needing to be washed after every wear. 


Easier to Give Them a Second Life

In some cases, a designer dress or handbag will outlive your love for it. When this happens, you’ll have an easy time reselling or donating it so the next owner can love it just as much as you once did. More than luxury items themselves, people love buying designer and high-end items at discounted prices. With proper care, your designer clothes and accessories can live any number of lives!

At La Lu Thrift Boutique, we focus on the second life of luxury items, offering a rotating line of unique second-hand designer clothes, accessories, and more at our Margate and Boca Raton locations. Drop us a line, or stop by to view our current collections.

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