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Why Designer Pieces are Worth the Investment

Looking at designer pieces may give you sticker shock, especially if you’re more accustomed to shopping at big box stores. You may wonder if these items are really worth the price. While it’s ultimately up to you, designer clothes, accessories and furniture can be a worthwhile investment. Here are a few reasons why we encourage designer investments from our expert team:

Designer is built to last

Every element of a designer piece is carefully planned out, from the materials used to the construction process. You’ll rarely find an uneven seam or a low quality fabric. Keep in mind that designer brands create pieces with meticulous attention so the brand can uphold its reputation for creating quality products. Since they’re built with quality materials, these pieces often outlast the competition by years or even decades. 

Easier to Tailor

Higher quality items are less likely to break when resized, refitted or reupholstered. Designer pieces can be tailored or even tailor-made to suit your specific needs. Fast fashion items can often fall apart when tailoring attempts are made, as they’re made with lower-quality fabrics. 

Showcase Your Style

Each designer piece you purchase is an investment. By making mindful designer purchases, you showcase your unique style. Each designer item you buy means something to you, making it a beautiful addition to your life and a solid conversation piece. 

Make an Impression

When you walk into a room wearing designer clothes and accessories, you’re not just showing off your personal style. You’re telling the room that your appearance matters to you.Whether you make a habit of wearing designer clothes or buy them only for special occasions, you can be sure they’ll help you shine when you walk into a room.

Greater Resale Value

Some designer items are classics that you can count on not go out of style, but others are more seasonal. When the next season rolls around, designer clothes in great condition will retain most of their value. If you intend to resell your designer clothes next season or when you’ve worn them to one too many events, make sure to keep proof of authenticity, such as the receipts, labels and tags. 

At La Lu Thrift Boutique, we give designer pieces a second life, offering a rotating line of unique second-hand designer clothes, furniture, and more at our Margate and Boca Raton locations. Drop us a line, or stop by to view our current collections. 

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