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What’s The Difference Between La Lu Thrift and Other Thrift Shops?

The moment you walk in, you’ll discover that La Lu Thrift Boutique is unlike any other thrift store you’ve ever visited before, elevating the entire “local thrift store” concept. But how does La Lu Thrift Boutique differentiate itself from the typical thrift store? We offer a wide variety of pristine furniture, name brand clothing, shoes, and high-end to discount jewelry.

We’re Known As The “Chic Boutique” For A Reason

La Lu Thrift Boutique is known by its patrons as the “chic boutique” because we don’t have what other regular thrift stores carry. We’ve stocked our store with upscale high-end pieces from luxury brands that you’re guaranteed to fall in love with the moment you lay your eyes on them.

From luxury purses by Louis Vuitton to Louboutin red bottom heels to Tiffany jewelry, you won’t know where to start when you arrive. La Lu’s reputation has been built on the remarkable pieces we’ve had available throughout the years since the day we opened. Whether you’re looking for the perfect piece to round out your wardrobe or complete one of the spaces in your home, La Lu Thrift Boutique has exactly what you’re looking for.

Consignment Quality Pieces At Thrift Store Prices

La Lu has been mistaken as a consignment store in the past due to the high quality nature of our pieces, however there’s a distinct difference. Consignment shops base their inventory on people interested in selling their items and list them at exorbitant prices. Even though the item is used, it’s marked up rather high to cover the percentage of the sale the original owner receives. That isn’t the case at La Lu. We’re able to offer gently used luxury items at significantly lower prices, making that dream piece well within reach. You shouldn’t have to break the bank to enjoy high end designer pieces, and La Lu makes that a reality.

You’ll Never Get Bored!

While other thrift stores tend to stock the same inventory and add in a new piece here and there as they receive it, La Lu Thrift Boutique has a constantly changing inventory of new items every single day. Every visit to La Lu becomes a unique adventure, uncovering something new that has arrived. The moment you walk into La Lu, you’ll be met with visually stunning pieces everywhere you turn—you won’t know where to start!

Forget everything you know about thrift stores and visit La Lu Thrift Boutique today!

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