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Why buy Used Designer Jeans?

Why Buy Used Designer Jeans?

Buying a pair of used designer jeans is the best thing ever. They are extra comfortable because they are already broken in, and extra stylish because they are designer. As a bonus, they cost much less than buying them new. Second-hand jeans are the way to go. 

Is it even worth it to buy brand name jeans?

Oftentimes, it is. Designer jeans are well made, lasting well past their expiration date. The problem is that many people cannot afford the price tag, or do not want to spend the money on purchasing a pair of designer jeans, especially when there are bills to pay and things to do. Designer jeans are worth it because the quality of the materials used is better. It is sourced more ethically and the material is likely to last much longer than the low quality, cheap materials used to make jeans in bulk. 

They take their time making and washing the jeans. The higher price tag is for a reason. Jeans that are sewn to perfection definitely feel different from those with seams that are slightly off or to the side. The skill of the person creating each pair is much higher, and you are paying for their abilities as well as the nicer material. It’s such a steal to buy a good pair of designer jeans for a lower cost. Your lower half will thank you! 

DIY projects you can do with designer jeans. 

There are plenty of unique DIY ideas you can do to your jeans. For example, since they are pre-owned designer jeans, you can try playing with fabric paint or fabric glue for some quirky DIY jean designs. You probably own a pair of scissors and can purchase fabric paint online or at most craft stores. You can also find paint brushes, sponges, and diamonds, or studs to decorate your jeans. Make a vine of flowers up the leg on one side, or cover your entire pair of jeans in bright yellow sunflowers. Cover them in small jewels to make people look twice. Bleach them to create a grunge look or come up with your own creative designs.

DIY blue jean projects

  • Flower vines
    • Paint small flower vines up one leg of your jeans for an artistic, delicate touch of creativity. 
  • Create cuts
    • Make cuts in your jeans to achieve a distressed look. Typically, you can create cuts around the knees or up and down the legs. 
  • Bleach stains
    • Wanting to go for grunge? Distress your jeans, and then add some splotches of bleach in sporadic patterns to achieve a cool look that many people may not have. 
  • Flower designs
    • Similar to the vine idea. You will need paint and sponges. You can imprint flower designs onto your jeans for a cute, floral, summertime look. 
  • Bedazzle them 
    • Bedazzling your jeans can make quite the statement. Do it over the entire pocket, or accent certain areas of your pants. 

Just wearing the jeans as they come is a great idea! While it can be fun to add your own touch, there is no need to do so if you like them as they are. 

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