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Why Buy Pre-Owned Designer Shoes

Consider thrifting pre-owned designer shoes.

Are you looking for the perfect designer pump but are wary of the high prices? Pre-owned designer shoes are definitely a good place to start when looking to save some money and look stylish.

Here are some common reasons why people buy pre-owned designer shoes. 

  • You can look stylish without breaking the bank
  • It’s better for the environment
  • You can find rare vintage pieces
  • Discover other ways to buy sold-out styles

The search for the perfect pair of pre-owned designer shoes is no easy feat. That is why coming into La Lu Thrift will make things a bit easier. In our 3 locations, we carry a large selection of pre-loved designer shoes. If you are ready to find your next pair of pumps, but are not sure how to gauge the condition of a pair of pre-owned designer shoes, read on to learn more! 

Not surprisingly, the sole of a shoe can tell you a lot about its wear and tear.

Nearly all designer shoes will either have either a hard sole or a soft leather sole. Soft leather wears very easily, even with minimal use. This can make it hard to tell when a shoe is new or old. Soft shoes can get lightly scuffed in stores from being tried on. 

If a shoe looks fairly new, then odds are that it is decently new and unused.

They may have been worn out once, and not very comfortable. Or they could have been purchased, worn around the house, then the buyer realized they would never wear them. Unfortunately, this happens more often than you would think, but it gives the next owners exactly what they want. A barely-used pair of pre-owned designer shoes. 

Other than the obvious step of checking out the overall condition of a shoe, a great way to gauge the miles on it is by looking at the heel.

If the heel appears to be worn down to the wood or material underneath, then you may need to have the shoe restored. It all depends on how worn the shoe is and how comfortable you are with wearing a used designer shoe. 

Maintaining the quality of designer shoes.

When you do purchase a pre-loved pair of designer shoes, one way to maintain and improve their appearance is to properly care for them. Depending on the material, what maintenance needs to be done will vary. You can read this article on how to care for designer shoes. It goes into great detail and gives excellent advice. In any case, buying used designer shoes is a great way to complete your closet and save yourself from in-store designer prices.

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