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How Thrifting Can Help Combat Fast Fashion’s Negative Effects On The Environment

Fast fashion hurts the environment through toxic dyes, bleaches, and more. These Chemicals are all released into nearby bodies of water, damaging the environment in more ways than one can count. 

The destruction reaches far past local habitats, leaking into the ocean from rivers and streams or damaging their groundwater supply.  Due to a lack of resources available to properly and safely dispose of waste, these large corporations dump into local bodies of water. Fast fashion creates single-use clothing that is made to be used a handful of times and is thrown away shortly after due to the poor quality and make. This produces excessive waste in our landfills and around the globe.

Not only does it hurt the surrounding environment, but the way in which it is produced supports slave labour in extremely poor countries. Manufacturing is outsourced to low income areas, taking advantage of populations living in poverty. Children and women make up the majority of these employees and receive hardly any pay for hours of strenuous physical labor.  The unthinkable working conditions should be enough alone to deter any aware buyers from purchasing their items. Thrifting is a great way to combat these social issues. 

When you thrift, you are supporting our environment’s overall wellness, human rights,  and your local community. Thrifting reduces waste by allowing others to re-use what we normally would throw away. It is a fun way to shop and feel good about your purchases after. 

Here are 5 more reasons that you should thrift: 

  1. It does not create waste or add to the existing problems caused by the fashion industry. Some items which are donated are new or lightly used and in excellent condition. Who wouldn’t want a brand-new Calvin Klein shirt at less than half the price?
  2. It is cost effective for the buyer, allowing them to discover their new favorite pair of barely-used heels without breaking the bank. Find expensive, designer pieces at unbeatable prices. Thrifting also makes for great gifts. Give your friend an expensive watch, at a price that you can afford. 
  3. Buying used clothes benefits both the donor and buyer. The donor receives a tax write off and the buyer gets a great deal! 
  4. It’s a fun way to fill your wardrobe with your favorite styles all year long. Instead of wearing the same shoes as everyone else, find your unique style.
  5. High-End Thrift Stores like La Lu Thrift don’t have just clothing! We offer a number of unbelievable items, with a fresh rotation of stunning mid-century furniture, home decor, electronics, rare collectibles, phenomenally preserved antiques, and more.

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